DJ Tomy


DJ Tomy, on his real name Cristi Toma, was born in Rm. Valcea, on 13th May 1976. Since his childhood, he has been very keen on music and had many opportunities to be a DJ at the parties organised while he was a pupil in the Secondary School and, later, in the High School. After graduating from High School in ’95, with the help of his best friend DJ John, he managed to get a job at one of the most fashionable local radio station at that moment. Being in charge with “the switches” of the audio console – as the connoisseurs like to say -, and creating a high quality live music programme, he made a lot of people to listen to his programme every day, and he became famous together with his fellows of the radio station: John Chircus, Colin Sabin, Toto Joica, Giuly Popa. The experience he got with his radio programme helped him to move to the next stage in his career – the work in the radio production department where he worked as a sound editor ( making up jingles, sound effects, soundtracks for credits, film soundtracks, promo soundtracks, advertisements) and as a production mixer.